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Mathew Gibson

Mathew Gibson was born in west London in 1962. For ten years (1990-2000), he made objects and temporary installations that were exhibited all over Europe. Since then he has dedicated his practice to making enigmatic, small egg tempera paintings: the first collection of these works were exhibited by England & Co in 2005, followed five years later by a second collection exhibited in 2010.

Many of Gibson's works are miniature depictions of potential installations, or explore imaginary architectural spaces; others include men in suits discussing fantastical building projects.



Cellar - Details

Cellar 2006

Egg tempera on gesso panel
11.75 x 17.5 inches

Walkways - Details

Walkways 2004

Egg tempera on gesso
35 x 18.5 inches


Private collection

Library with Desk - Details

Library with Desk 2004

Egg tempera on gesso
32.75 x 18 inches


Private collection

Basement - Details

Basement 2003

Egg tempera on gesso
9.75 x 7.5 inches


Private collection

Beds - Details

Beds 2004

Egg tempera on gesso
18 x 32.75 inches


Private collection